Spectrum One delivers customized and strategic consulting services to address certain business requirements and help businesses decide which processes to adapt.

Businesses have existing software that needs to be further developed or upgraded. There is no one-size fits all solution.

How it works

Depending on the business need, the team takes time to get to know the specific requirements through client calls and thorough research on the client’s industry. The back-end, front-end and infrastructure of the existing product is audited to see if the application needs to be rebuilt. Server maintenance is then done to ensure that all servers are functioning, secure, scalable, and that no server dies. A prototype is created together with detailed costing based on the budget as well as the projected timeline for revenue. From there, the blueprint is turned over to the client or the Spectrum One team can create the product for the client.

This type of service is best suited for businesses with existing products and software that need upgrading or tweaking.

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