Software Support

Spectrum One offers multiple software support options to make sure your business critical systems are always up and running.

It's crucial in any business for software to be always online and up-to-date. Software needs to be maintained and fixed quickly when issues arise or improved as business needs change. We provide the following support services:

After Hours Support

This entails immediate support as soon as issues or bugs arise. After Hours Support can range from a few hours to a full-day coverage depending on what the business requires. There is a dedicated project manager assigned to the specific product who cascades the urgent issue to a developer for immediate action and resolution.

Application Support

Whereas After Hours Support is delivered as soon as an urgent software issue arises, Application Support is assigned depending on the software development need and billed accordingly to the hours worked.

Production Support

Production Support entails database maintenance and systems administration with a dedicated software developer engineer who works on the application.

This type of service is best suited for businesses who have existing software, but require help with software support whether it’s round-the-clock or as the need arises.

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